history of sekurity team

June 12, 2009 snickers decided to start sekurity team, posted this blog entry, and anipals started signing up immediately
June 16, 2009   shawnee had grate idea to make offishul sekurity IDs for next #pawpawty, snickers wrote first sekurity report and officer shawnee was promoted to sergeant
August 2009 first dokumentashun officer recrewted (@lexiloudog)
October 2009 sekurity jail bail introduced to help wif fundraising
April 2010 we moved into spiffy new headquarters (this website)
May 2010 sekurity team expands to cover more than just #pawpawty
June 12, 2011 after two years of service as head of #pawpawty sekurity team, captain snickers retired after handing over responsibility for the team to recently promoted captain brutus


why do we have pawpawty sekurity???

  • to help the pawty make more money for charity by tweeting the donation link every now and then and also explaining to newcomers what the pawty is and help answer questions
  • storytelling. anipals are super good role players and comes up with lots of fun things to do together at pawpawty. sometimes they even make up crazy shenanigans just to get sekurity involved! BOL. since pawpawty happens over 24 hours, it is fun to have report of some of the silliness for peeples and anipals to read later.
  • it is also our job to notify @spam if some spammer or nekkid lady tweeter starts using our hashtag to get attention. we only report for real spammers, not just peeples that anipals might not like or somethin like that