team duties

pawpawty sekurity force job description is as follows:

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF CHANGES to duties as of november 6, 2010.

  • NEW: showing up to help at shifts when you are not skeduled has caused some confusion recently and is no longer allowed. two officers per shift may be skeduled. do not work if you are not skeduled unless the shift is empty or someone doesnt show up. if one officer is on duty you can work if you are requested by them to help.
  • NEW: do not wear your uniform or ID card when you are not on duty. espeshully do not attend any pawty in uniform unless sekurity is offishully there and you are on duty. doing so is confusing to pawty goers and misrepresents the team
  • when you report for duty, tweet the officer you are replacing and let them know you are reporting in.
  • tweet the following (or something similar) several times during your shift: welcome! have you paid your #pawpawty cover charge (donation) yet? donate to this months charity here (include linky)
  • also helpful to occasionally tweet some things like
    • if you are new to #pawpawty and need assistance please see sekurity. we can help
    • ANIPALS dont forget to block the spammers, free $ ppl, gets lots of followers, and noggty ladies that start following you during #pawpawty
    • remember you must unproteckt your tweets to be seen during pawty and use the #pawpawty hashtag to attend!
  • be sure no one puts the bitey on anyone else ^-,-^
  • take reports of misdeeds. make arrests only if necessary to protect safety of anipals (this is the fun part and how we end up with funny incident report later). please include extra hashtag #ppsr in all reports so dokumentashun officer can find and compile them. ONLY ADD #PPSR TO ITEMS FOR THE REPORT
  • put on snarly face to chase off spammers if needed
  • haz good time (no niptinis or barkaritas on duty though. sorries!)!
  • help keep pawpawty appropriate for all ages. remember dis is public "place" so minors can (and do) participate
  • when your shift is over, make sure you hand off duty to your replacement with handoff report tweets of current sekurity conditions