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Sekurity Promotions 4th Quarter 2011

December 24, 2011

As captain of the #pawpawty sekurity team it is my honor to announce some new promotions on our team over the past three months! Detective Cheshire (@CheshireK) was promoted to detective in December 2011. Cheshire has proven to be a most dependable officer picking up extra shifts when needed, covering the duties of documentation officer […]

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Sekurity Promotions

August 20, 2011
Officer Abbey

As captain of the #pawpawty sekurity team it is my honor to announce some new promotions on our team over the past two months! Officer Abbey (@AbbeyRescuedox) was promoted to officer in June 2011. Abbey has quickly proven herself to be a very good officer and we expect her to have a long, prosperous career […]

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captain snickers retirement announcement

June 9, 2011

a few days from now, june 12, will be the two year anniversary of the day that @snick_the_dog had idea to start the #pawpawty sekurity team. june 12 will also be the day that snickers offishully retires as captain of the team.

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Moar Sekurity Promushuns!

May 15, 2011

department promoshuns this month include cadet @iamdaisydoo to officer and lieutenant @brutusthedane to captain!

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Sekurity Team Promoshuns

February 9, 2011

az captain of the #pawpawty sekurity team it iz my honor to announce several well deserved promoshuns. please join me in congratulating the following officers for a job well done! lieutenant brutus @brutusthedane haz been a member of #pawpawty sekurity team since august 2009 and haz worked 31 1/2 shifts! brutus was promoted to sergeant […]

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24 hours of dudefest in january!!

January 15, 2011

there iz no regularly skeduled #pawpawty in january so sekurity team haz the month off! there will be a 24 hour dudefest january 29 and 30. off-duty officers can haz as much bacon beer as they want! 24 hour #dudefest will haz a football theme (Trooper Bowl!) and will be supporting the SPCA International’s Operation […]

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promoshun: officer benji

August 2, 2010
Officer Benji @Benjito95

cadet benji (@Benjito95) joined sekurity in june and both haz completed his training shift and solo cadet shift. cadet benji is hereby promoted to officer!!! please join me in congratulating officer benji!

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promoshuns: officers jb hippo and duchess

June 5, 2010
Officer JB Hippo

two new cadets joined sekurity in may and both haz completed their training shift and solo cadet shift. cadet jb hippo (@JBHippo) and cadet duchess (@duchesscrabtree) are hereby promoted to officer jb hippo and officer duchess. good job officers!

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expansion & a promoshun: sergeant brutus

May 12, 2010
Officer Brutus

officer brutus promoted to sergeant captain snickers and lieutenant shawnee would like to announce promoshun of officer brutus (@brutusthedane) to position of pawpawty sekurity team sergeant. sergeant brutus haz been with the sekurity team since august 2009 and haz worked fifteen (15) shifts. brutus is the consumate sekurity officer and we are proud to have […]

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promoshun: officer hella

April 19, 2010

he’s a hella hedgehog and now he is a full fledged helluva sekurity officer. cadet hella (@hellahedgie) is now officer hella after having successfully completed two shifts as a cadet welcome to the team officer hella!

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promoshuns: officers smokey and mace

February 16, 2010

cadet smokey promoted: after two months of grate service as cadet (and filling in as dokumentashun officer as well during first month) cadet smokey is now officer smokey. congratulations smokey. we glad you joined the team! cadet mace promoted: cadet mace did a GRATE job last month and haz been promoted from cadet to officer. […]

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promoshun: lieutenant shawnee

February 16, 2010

SERGEANT SHAWNEE SHEP PROMOTED TO LIEUTENANT: the pawpawty sekurity team was founded in june 2009. shawnee was one of the first three officers. by july she had already been promoted to sergeant in recognition of actions above and beyond call of dooty. shawnee haz continued to show her dedication to the pawpawty sekurity team month […]

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personnel: dont miss your shift

February 16, 2010

junior officer buddy bentley almost kicked off force: after being promoted from cadet to junior officer last month, buddy was AWOL during january #pawpawty, completely missing his skeduled sekurity shift. sargeant shawneeshep came up with good punishment for buddy that helps everybody! junior officer buddy had to wear a special dunce cap made by the […]

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new recrewts, transfers and promoshuns

January 17, 2010

new dokumentashun officer starts this month: our wonderful, original dokumentashun officer @lexiloudog went to the rainbow bridge last month. cadet smokey helped us last month, but now we haz a new dedicated dokumentashun officer to write monthly sekurity report. lexi lou’s sisfur buttons (@busybuttons) has volunteered to take over these duties. we know she will […]

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@lexiloudog haz gone to rainbow bridge

December 4, 2009
Security_Badge Black

the pawpawty sekurity team announces with heavy hearts that one of our own haz gone, suddenly and unexpectedly, to the rainbow bridge. for the last four months, we haz been blessed with the mad skillz of dokumentashun officer lexi-lou to keep track of all the silly anipals that tangle with sekurity during pawpawty. tonight on […]

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one demoshun and new pawty jail bail

November 13, 2009

hey anipals! sekurity captain snickers here. i haz a few sekurity announcements from october before i start the planning for november. unfortunately must announce that officers frosty and dew haz been demoted back to cadet due to not reporting for duty at october pawpawty. officers frosty and dew sincerely apologize for leaving pawpawty unprotected though […]

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