Sekurity Promotions 4th Quarter 2011

by Brutus the Dane on December 24, 2011

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As captain of the #pawpawty sekurity team it is my honor to announce some new promotions on our team over the past three months!

Detective Cheshire

Detective Cheshire (@CheshireK) was promoted to detective in December 2011. Cheshire has proven to be a most dependable officer picking up extra shifts when needed, covering the duties of documentation officer when @BusyButtons is unavailable and generally becoming an invaluable asset to the team. Congratulations to Detective Cheshire!


Officer Snoop (@SnoopDoggDoxie) was promoted to officer in November 2011. Snoop has quickly proven himself to be a very good officer and we expect him to have a long, prosperous career on the team. Congratulations to Officer Snoop!

I am also pleased to announce Honorary Officer Gator (@RealFakeGator) who is now providing all of the sekurity uniforms to non-pawpawty events. We so appreciate his creativity and generous contribution to the sekurity team. Congratulations to Officer Gator!

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