2011 July PawPawty Sekurity Report

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The July 2011 PawPawty was held July 23-23 with a “60s Beach Pawty” theme. The charity supported by the PawPawty was Medical Detection Dogs in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Nearly $1,200 was raised.

Sekurity Team uniforms were sewn by Lieutenant Shawnee (@ShawneeShep).

Sekurity Team Roll Call

Official Sekurity Report
(all times in EDT)

2:00 PM The PawPawty officially begins. Cadet Ody is in charge of Sekurity for the first shift.
2:32 PM Sekurity Announcement from Cadet Ody: If you receive DMs with link to click: DON’T! Might be a hacker! Practice safe tweeting!
2:33 PM #PawPawty is quiet at pawty elapsed time of 30 minutes. Cadet Ody reporting.
2:59 PM PawPawty quiet for first hour. Lots of anipals having fun and raising money for this month’s charity!
3:32 PM CadetOdy reporting. My shift is over in 1/2 hour. Still quiet at PawPawty.
3:39 PM PawPawty security tip: Beware of DMs with strange links. Might be a scammer or hacker! Be careful out there!
3:58 PM Officer Annie finishes up building a sand castle and reports for Sekurity Duty.
Handoff Report: Nothing to report. All’s quiet
4:03 PM Cadet Ody signs off of Sekurity Duty. Officer Annie is now in charge of Sekurity.
4:33 PM Officer Annie reports sand castle demolition due to a big wave. Photo of the accident scene: http://twitpic.com/5uqbdz
5:11 PM Officer Annie works on a new sand castle as teh PawPawty remains quiet.
5:59 PM Captain Brutus signs in for Sekurity Duty.
Handoff Report: No news is good news! It’s been a quiet pawty.
6:01 PM Officer Annie signs off. Captain Brutie is now in charge of Sekurity.
7:32 PM Captain Brutus reports having Twitter problems during his Sekurity shift. Advises Pawty animals to yell if they need help.
7:58 PM Detective Duchess signs in for duty.
Handoff Report: I have no handoff report other than I was out of the loop! Bad, bad Twitter!
7:59 PM Captain Brutus signs off. Detective Duchess is in charge of Sekurity.
8:25 PM By request, Detective Duchess tucks @thisbear into bed.
9:33 PM Detective Duchess jumps up on the bar to shake her booty for a moment with @toughteddybear, @Meow_Girls and @SpoiledMinPin; then returns to the lifeguard stand.
9:46 PM @teddybell1 is new to the PawPawty scene, so Detective Duchess provides some info and help.
10:00 PM Sekurity Alert: Hide the bacon! @CecilTheHusky is sniffing around.
10:04 PM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo reports for duty.
Handoff report: Nothing to report. All pals are just having fun!
10:06 PM Detective Duchess signs off duty. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo is in charge of Sekurity.
10:31 PM Reports come in that @mattiedog has “Willy” out and about. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo reminds him that puppies and kitties may still be at the PawPawty, so we need to keep it…um…clean.
10:38 PM @trailerparkdogs advise Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo that their willy has all appropriate shots from the vet…
11:14 PM @Yoda_the_Dog and Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo remind Pawty animals to reapply sunscreen.
11:59 PM Officer Benji reports for duty.
Handoff Report: Pretty quiet; some nudie business with @trailerparkdogs and @mattiedog, but I think they calmed down!
12:02 AM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off duty. Officer Benji is in charge of Sekurity.
12:19 AM Report comes in from @FergusTheDog that @indykitty has stolen tequila from @perrythebirman!
12:31 PM Officer Benji reports that the next time, @indykitty will be booked.
12:33 AM Word comes in that @ZackRabbit may have also been involved in the theft. Officer Benji keeps an eye on both rascals.
1:01 AM Officer Benji overhears a conversation between @Eddiebabycat and @BigBoyBosco, who could be planning shenanigans. They’re officially warned.
1:15 AM Spammer alert! Block dorristnlzo2.
HANDOFF REPORT: Only problem was @indykitty and ZackRabbit stealing 10 bottles of tequila. Got them back & gave to @perrythebirman. Also @Eddiebabycat zooming in his UFO trying stir trouble by kissing my sister @WorldofGrissi.
2:25 AM Officer Benji signs off duty. No Sekurity coverage for the next four hours.
5:57 AM Cadet Mickey reports for Sekurity duty.
6:01 AM @PepiSmartDog, as Barktender, tosses the coffee machine in the air. (Guess he and the showgirls have a flare for the dramatic.)
6:07 AM @PepiSmartDog rips the door off the fridge. Oops.
6:20 PM @PepiSmartDog advises Cadet Mickey that he knocked himself out earlier by smashing a coconut on his head. The coconut was not injured.
6:39 AM @MizzBassie replaces Cadet Mickey’s IV bag of coffee with a new bag. (Original bag was set up for Cadet by @PepiSmartDog and his showgirls.)
6:46 AM While discussing the severe heat wave, Cadet Mickey uses the hashtag #crapsummer. (Not really relevant to the Sekurity Report, but the Dokumentation Officer TOTALLY agrees and had to include it!)
7:59 AM Officer Cheshire reports for duty.
HANDOFF REPORT: Very quiet. @PepiSmartDog knocked himself out earlier smashing a coconut on head. He twirled the coffee machine, and ripped door off fridge. The usual. Even the bots and spammers were asleep. Only blocked one!
8:02 AM Cadet Mickey signs off duty. Officer Cheshire is in charge of Sekurity.
8:07 AM First spammer of the morning! About to block and report: AngelitaCherry5
8:24 AM @BorisKitty identified another spammer: pitchiebrhi1. Block and report, please.
8:25 AM @ParkerSKat “found” another spammer: conniesomerton. Block and report, please!
8:57 AM This one looking like a spammer too! shawnnanhiatt Please, block and report!
9:31 AM @indykitty is caught spanking bums on the beach and is issued a warning by Officer Cheshire (who was also spanked by Indy).
9:49 AM Officers Aedan & Winston report for Sekurity duty.
Handoff Report: Things are pretty quiet around here.
9:52 AM Officer Cheshire signs off. Officers Aedan and Winston are in charge of Sekurity.
10:21 AM @BigBoyBosco steels the Sekurity speed boat! Officers Aedan and Winston get on surf boards and chase after the stolen boat. Meanwhile, Bosco picks up @GeorgeTheDuck, @JustAnotherTrnd, @BuzzLucas, and @IcyPinkLemonade, but then dumps @IcyPinkLemonade back in the water.
10:47 AM Sekurity Alert!!! @BigBoyBosco does NOT have permission to use Sekurity Boat! There may be fines if you hop on!!!
10:53 AM Bosco tosses a dolphin at the Sekurity officers still in pursuit of the stolen boat. No dolphins were harmed. @EdnaAtNutro joins the stolen boat crew.
10:59 AM Bosco and @BuzzLucas shoot water guns at Sekurity.
11:07 AM Officers Winston and Aedan are momentarily distracted by the fireworks shot off from the stolen boat in honor of Hurley’s 6th birthday.
11:33 AM Bosco turns the stolen boat back over to Sekurity and pays fines for the troubles.
12:00 PM Detective JB signs in for duty.
Handoff Report: @BigBoyBosco nabbed da Sekurity Boat keys @Georgetheduck, @JustAnotherTrnd, @Buzzzlucas, and @Ednaatnutro hopped on for rides. Boat is back and safe.
12:14 PM Officers Aedan and Winston sign off. Detective JB is in charge of Sekurity for the rest of the PawPawty.
1:01 PM Sekurity Announcement: Please be advised that drinking the yummy frozen drinks too fast may cause painful brain-freeze!
1:46 PM Detective JB announces that the PawPawty made its fundraising goal!
2:00 PM PawPawty officially ends.
Final Report: All anipals well behaved & enjoying the fun PawPawty. Had to issue a warning to watch out for brain freeze due to guests drinking the ultra-delicious iced drinks to quickly. Otherwise, all was well!


Pandafur July 25, 2011 at 10:11 pm

Grate werk by teh Sekurity Team – as ushewal! Iz always feels so safe an protekted at da #Pawpawty.

flicka47 July 26, 2011 at 6:14 am

Great job Buttons and great job Sekurity team! Boy were those spammers out in force! Good thing the pawtiers were having way too good a time to be much trouble!!

Henry July 26, 2011 at 7:07 am

i dus injoy reedin yor reeports buttuns cos yoo do mayk me larf alot. it wos a grayt pawpawty

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