2011 June PawPawty Sekurity Report

by JB Hippo on June 28, 2011

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June’s PawPawty took place the weekend of 18 and 19. The theme was the Wild Wild West. There were the usual anipal capers and shenanigans in the PawPawty saloon as over $1000 was raised for The Humane Society of Greater Miami of Miami, Florida, USA!


Captain Brutus
Captain Brutus
Detective Duchess
Detective Duchess
Detective JB
Detective JB
Officer Cheshire
Officer Cheshire
Officer Annie
Officer Annie
Officer Hella
Officer Hella
Officers Aedan
& Winston
Officers Aedan and Winston
Officer Daisy
Officer Daisy
Cadet Abbey
Cadet Abbey
Cadet Ody
Cadet Ody
Cadet Mickey
Cadet Mickey

Sekurity uniforms were sewn by Lt. @ShawneeShep

(all times EDT)

2:00 PM Cadet Abbey starts the first Sekurity shift and the pawpawty kicks off! Guests gather at the saloon for the festivities.
3:50 PM Officer Hella reports for duty.
HANDOFF REPORT “No problems ober last two hours.”
3:59 PM Officer Hella is in charge of Sekurity and Cadet Abbey signs off.
4:32 PM Guests are advised not to drink and ride horses!
4:49 PM @bijntje and @SeattleP have had a bit too much to drink and are sent to a quiet part of the saloon to sleep it off.
4:55 PM Officer Hella assists @puzmitts with some cowpoking by puffing up his hedgehog quills… Pooooke! Pooooke!
5:59 PM Officer Daisy rides in on a camel and reports for her shift.
HANDOFF REPORT “its been pretty quiet – took @bijntje and @SeattleP to have a nap in saloon after a Bailey’s race. had reports that @OllyTed was russlin cayks, but cayks were wild and just needed corralling. also gave @puzmitts some help with pokin’ a few cows. Other than that, efurryone just havin fun & relaxing!!”
6:04 PM Officer Hella signs out and Officer Daisy is in charge.
8:00 PM Detective Duchess slides in across the sawdust covered floor to report for duty.
HANDOFF REPORT “@Tresa1215 & @MickeyShortTail had a drinking contest. Mickey won. @NoCrybabyDoGs Horse Jackson lost a horse shoe. I found a replacement but still looking for glue. Other than that very quiet. Twitter has been slow. Not always in real time.”
8:01 PM Officer Daisy is now off duty and Detective Duchess is in charge.
8:49 PM @IcyPinkLemonade, @Bea_glebelle, and @CJdoggirl are in a “bacon duel” for charity! @CJdoggirl wins by a cold and wet nose! 🙂
9:57 PM Officer Annie is ready for her shift!
HANDOFF REPORT “All anipals been great! @kingtuttifruiti needed to help @NoCrybabyDoGs Horsie Jackson lost his shoe. @IamDaisyDoo found a shoe & glued it back.”
10:05 PM Detective Duchess signs off duty and leaves Sekurity in the capable paws of Officer Annie.
10:06 PM Sekurity is receiving reports of a stranger hiding out in the saloon. Could it be John Wayne?!
10:14 PM Information is trickling in – there’s a bacon train robbery being planned!
10:20 PM @TinyPearlCat is the train’s engineer. She slams on the brakes – screeeeeeeeech!
10:24 PM Officer Annie emergency deputizes @IcyPinkLemonade to help foil the train robbers. @IcyPinkLemonade hides in the caboose and keeps watch over the back of the train.
10:29 PM The robbers have been revealed! @MattieDog and gang are trying to rob the train, but is it full of bacon or money?
10:30 PM @Bea_glebelle has been emergency deputized. @IcyPinkLemonade, @Bea_glebelle and Officer Annie jump on horses and split up to find @MattieDog and his gang.
10:31 PM @MattieDog is surrounded! He tosses the money and tries to make his escape.
10:34 PM @IcyPinkLemonade corrals @MattieDog so he can’t run off.
10:36 PM @PumpkinPuddy arrives with a wagon to pick up the bacon delivery.
10:37 PM @MattieDog tries to implicate @BlindMaximus in the train robbery caper, but Sekurity isn’t buying it!
10:49 PM @BlindMaximus bails the outlaw @MattieDog (aka “Mattie the Kid”) out of jail, and pays a bit extra – he knows there will be a “next time”!
11:00 PM A spamming Bacon Bot has been reported to Sekurity.
11:58 PM Detective Duchess signs in to cover the next several hours of Sekurity detail.
HANDOFF REPORT “@MattieDog robbed de train & @Fergusthedog say he not shoot de sheriff. @blindmaximus paid bail for @MattieDog n future event.”
12:02 AM Detective Duchess is the officer in charge. Officer Annie heads off to take a nap.
1:36 AM Sekurity Alert: “bowlanslfjl6” has been reported by @joeybeancat for spamming.
2:11 AM #sekuritytroublemaker @indykitty attempts to sneak off with all the pawpawty quiz prizes!
2:13 AM Sekurity lassoes @indykitty and pulls him and the prizes back!
3:09 AM “BakedBeansBot” is reported for spamming.
3:54 AM @flicka47 reports “jane_darkchan” for naughty spamming.
4:22 AM @PepiSmartDog has fainted! Det. Duchess runs over to check on him.
5:39 AM Detective JB heads for the Sekurity locker room to get ready for her shift.
HANDOFF REPORT “Little incident wif @IndyKitty taking all da quiz prizes, but Lassoed him & all prizes returned. Had a few bots & spammers dat we blocked & reported. 2 pals fainted @PepiSmartDog & @flicka47 But dey bof OK now. All anipals been great & hafin lots of fun!”
6:01 AM Cadet-in-training @MickeyShortTail signs in for his training shift! Welcome to the crew! 🙂
6:02 AM Detective Duchess signs off duty.
6:20 AM @ShaynaCat calls for Sekurity – someone’s rustlin’ some cattle! Sekurity races over.
6:25 AM @DuchessCrabtree has snuck behind the bar and stolen a pawful of bacon!!
6:28 AM Sekurity debates whether they should go after @DuchessCrabtree as the stolen bacon is over twelve hours old anyway.
6:36 AM A laughing @DuchessCrabtree rides back with the bacon – she was just hazing the new Sekurity recruit!
6:47 AM @ShaynaCat reports gunfire at the bar!! Cadet Mickey confronts @Tresa1215 and @kingtuttifruiti and recovers a pistol.
6:50 AM Cadet Mickey cuffs @Tresa1214’s ears in warning.
7:01 AM Det. JB commends Cadet Mickey for jumping in with both paws AND taking notes!
7:20 AM Sekurity Announcement: Please keep all firearms holstered! Anyone caught engaging in gunplay will be thrown in the pokey!
7:25 AM Sekurity confers about setting up a shooting gallery for the guests. Cadet Mickey gets some empty bottles from the bar.
7:30 AM Announcement: Sekurity has set up a Shooting Gallery outside for your enjoyment. http://twitpic.com/5drxhx http://twitpic.com/5ds2ds
7:38 AM Officers Aedan and Winston report for Sekurity detail.
HANDOFF REPORT “A little excitement this morning! Friends of our new Cadet @MickeyShortTail wanted to make his training shift memorable: there was bacon theft and shooting out lights. He had to box @Tresa1215’s ears. We set up a Sekurity Approved Shooting Gallery outside #pawpawty so guests can blow off steam.”
8:05 AM Det. JB & Cadet Mickey sign off. Officers Aedan and Winston are large and in charge!
9:30 AM Cadet-in-Training Ody arrives super early for his first shift! Welcome aboard, Ody!
9:59 AM Officer Cheshire arrives for Sekurity duty.
10:00 AM Officers Aedan and Winston are off the clock.
10:36 AM Sekurity discusses having an official short URL for the pawpawty charity be available on the Sekurity Team website.
10:52 AM Cadet Ody dashes off to find a tumbleweed to take a potty break behind. He returns shortly.
11:55 AM Captain Brutus arrives for the final pawpawty shift.
HANDOFF REPORT “Not much to report. @BlindMaximus tried to get into Sekurity report by wiggling his butt. Otherwise it was kinda quiet. @DaneRay reported a spammer, but by the time we looked, acct already suspended.”
12:00 PM Officer Cheshire and Cadet Ody sign off duty. Cadet Ody is commended for his stellar training shift.
1:00 PM The pawpawty-wide Sekurity Team Salute to recently retired Captain @Snick_the_dog begins. Captain Snickers has been our fearless #pawpawty Sekurity Capt. for 2 years. He now retires with full honors!
1:01 PM All anipals toast Capt. Snickers for his hard work and devotion. Much love to Captain Snickers!
2:00 PM Pawpawty closes and guests ride off into the sunset after another successful fundraising caper.

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