Special Trooper Bash Pawty Sekurity Report

by JB Hippo on May 20, 2011

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On the weekend of 14-15 May, anipals came together for a special Trooper Bash pawty. The pawty raised over $1,000 to help sweet, little Trooper and the dachshunds of Furever Dachshund Rescue (@4everDoxiRescue).  The pawty was organized by our own Officer Annie (@bloodhoundndots). The theme of the pawty was “play doctor” and guests came dressed in costume as doctors and nurses.


Captain Snickers
Lieutenant Brutus
Detective JB
Officer Annie
Officers Aedan & Winston
Officer Bandit
Officer Daisy
Cadet-recruit Abbey


(all times EDT)

12 Noon #TrooperBash begins! Officer Annie is both hostess and first officer on Sekurity duty.
12:05 PM @henryandfriends is picking guests up in his truck to drive them to the pawty. http://twitpic.com/4xkhdr
12:21 PM Problems in the DJ booth. Officer Annie shakes the music player to try and get it working.
1:23 PM Sardine and bacon is being served intravenously at the bar.
1:52 PM Officer Annie emergency deputizes @Abbeyrescuedox to help cover Sekurity shifts.
1:57 PM Cadet-recruit Abbey officially signs on for duty.
1:59 PM Officer Bandit reports for duty, but his scrubs are locked in the locker room! Eek! He will be an undercover officer for a while. 🙂
HANDOFF REPORT “It’s been a quiet first 2 hours so far nuttin big happenin’.”
4:05 PM Officer Bandit is finally able to get his scrubs on.
4:12 PM Officer Bandit will stay on duty for another hour to help out.
4:43 PM Sekurity Announcement: If anyone gets an owie, please see Sekurity for bandages. Available in large sizes as well! http://twitpic.com/4xnskh
4:48 PM Officer Bandit warns @bijntje that they are aware of his hidden flask of booze! It had better stay in his backpack or else it will be confiscated.
5:01 PM @bijntje has been cut off from further drinking at the bar. He is told he is not to be driving anywhere until he is officer approved.
5:29 PM Officer Daisy reports in early for Sekurity.
HANDOFF REPORT “@bijntje is cut off 4 walking on front paws n wanting to drive.”
5:33 PM Officer Bandit signs off duty.
5:37 PM Officer Daisy checks to make sure @bijntje isn’t trying any drinking and walking on front paws again.
7:39 PM Spammer CheckoutPolice has been reported for … well, spamming!
7:50 PM Officer Annie is back for Sekurity duty.
HANDOFF REPORT “1 spammer blocked. Very Quiet. Officer Daisy tossed in twitter jail at end of shift.”
8:15 PM Officer Daisy signs off.
10:35 PM Captain Snickers checks in with a whopper of a headache.
10:40 PM Doctor’s orders – Captain Snickers should go rest in Sekurity Headquarters. Officers Aedan and Winston step in to cover his shift.
11:00 Officer Annie signs off duty and heads for bed.
HANDOFF REPORT “Mostly quiet but sum talk ob a Jailbreak tonite!”
12:07 AM Officers Aedan and Winston sign off.
12:08 AM – 5:45 AM No Sekurity on duty. [gulp!]
5:46 AM Detective JB heads to the locker room to change into her scrubs.
6:00 AM Det. JB signs on for her Sekurity shift.
7:17 AM @ShaynaCat reports a disturbance at the DJ booth. Sekurity chases the troublemaker with a broomstick.
7:57 AM @PepiSmartDog has taken a tumble off the bar – he was spinning around and spun right off! Sekurity races over with bandages.
8:01 AM Officer Annie is back for another Sekurity shift!
HANDOFF REPORT “It’s been pretty quiet, tho I had to chase some troublemakers away from the DJ booth they were bothering our DJ Miss @ShaynaCat. @PepiSmartDog was dancing & did his Disco Ball impression – spun so fast he flew into the wall but he is ok!
8:16 AM Det. JB signs off duty.
HANDOFF REPORT “it been very quiet here dis morning….@ShaynaKat was put in Twitter Jail but dat it”
10:01 AM Lieutenant Brutus clocks in for his shift.
11:59 AM Quiet morning – Lt. Brutus has to step out for a bit and lets Officer Annie know he will be back soon.
2:00 PM Trooper Bash draws to a close. Hurray for a super fun and successful pawty!

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