2011 April Pawpawty Sekurity Report

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The Royal Wedding Pawpawty was held the weekend of 23 & 24 March. The pawty raised over $1,000 for Animal House Shelter which is a No Kill Shelter located Huntley, Illinois, USA.

Sekurity Team Roll Call

Uniforms were sewn by Dokumentation Officer Buttons.

(all times in EDT)

2:00 PM Captain Snickers is in charge of Sekurity as the Pawpawty begins.
2:24 PM Captain Snickers clears up confusion about the wedding of Will and Kate — it’s next Friday, not during the Pawpawty.
2:38 PM @common_squirrel enters the Pawpawty. Captain Snickers chases him, of course.
2:39 PM Captain Snickers reports that he was distracted by the squirrel. He’s now back in charge of Sekurity.
3:02 PM Lieutenant Brutus warns Captain Snickers of possible shenanigans in the works.
3:57 PM Cadet Daisy reports for duty.
Handoff Report: Pawpawty has been very well behaved so far. Cadet Daisy is up for next shift.
4:01 PM Lieutenant Brutus assures Captain Snickers that he’ll help Cadet Daisy if plots of shenanigans take place.
4:02 PM Captain Snickers signs off duty. Cadet Daisy is now in charge of Sekurity for her first solo shift.
4:06 PM Lieutenant Brutus receives a report that the Crown Jewels have been STOLEN!!! Cadet Daisy puts the Pawpawty on lock-down.

The Great Crown Jewel Heist
Special thanks to Lieutenant Brutus for assisting with this portion of the Sekurity Report

Shortly after cadet @IamDiasyDoo came onto duty at the pawpawty, Lieutenant Brutus was alerted that the Crown Jewels have been stolen from the Tower of London. Clues point to @FrugalDougal as the main suspect.

Quickly, a crack team of CIA agents MI-5 and Bonds join the pawpawty sekurity detail to assess the situation. @IamDaisyDoo quickly determines that everyone needs to come in for questioning and wisely considers putting @FrugalDougal in protective custody.

Clues are found that eventually lead Pawpawty guests to determine that @JazzydaCat stole the jewels and NOT our @FrugalDougal. Dougal was in fact an undercover agent for Scotland Yard!

For a complete list of Jewel Heist clues, along with photos and a timeline of the events, please see Flicka da Cookie English Pub. (Visit the links posted on the right of the page for all of the clues!

Lieutenant Brutus also notes: “I would like to add to the sekurity report that Cadet @iamdaisydoo did an amazing job handling all the craziness during the shift. She gets a special commendation from me for a job well done, far above the call of duty and for keeping her wits about her in the line of fire.”

4:47 PM @BrewskiButt is arrested for insulting Sekurity officers and not paying his bar tab. Cadet Daisy sets bail at $5.
4:53 PM @PumpkinPuddy bails @BrewskiButt out of jail so that they can go back to playing and pawtying.
5:24 PM @TuffyCat reports a missing Toad from the Toad-in-the-Hole. Cadet Daisy issues an alert for everyone to keep an eye out and watch their step!
5:42 PM We’ve had toad sightings, but no official toad catching. Please be careful when playing tennis — be sure it’s really a ball you’re using!
6:02 PM Detective Duchess reports for duty.
Handoff Report: @TuffyCat lost her toad. It is still missing. @PepiSmartDog reports Crown Jewels stolen around 4pm. @BrewskieButt & @BorisKitty investigate. @BrewskieButt thrown in jail for not paying bar tab. @Pumpkinpuddy paid $5.00 bail. @frugaldougal was chased over London suspected of stealing jewels. Lock down at pawpawty to find jewels. @perrythebirman @BrewskieButt @BorisKitty got trapped in a shrub maze and had to be cut out by security. @JazzydaCat was the jewel thief.
6:21 PM Cadet Daisy signs off duty. Detective Duchess is now in charge of Sekurity and promises to keep a look out for the toad.
6:35 PM Detective Duchess helps retweet quiz questions since all of the anipals are asleep and nobody’s playing the quizzes!
7:58 PM Lieutenant Brutilicious checks in for Sekurity duty. Perfect timing, too, since storms and tornadoes are heading towards Detective Duchess’s house.
Handoff Report: All anipals are behaving and having a good time!
8:13 PM Detective Duchess signs off duty. Lieutenant Brutus is now in charge of Sekurity.
8:06 PM Lieutenant Brutus gives Dokumentation Officer Buttons a smooch. Buttons swoons. (OK, so not official news, but Dokumentation Officer really wanted that smoochie dokumented!)
10:00 PM Officer Annie reports for duty.
Handoff Report: All Pawpawty-goers have been well-behaved!
10:09 PM Lieutenant Brutus signs off duty. Officer Annie is now in charge of Sekurity.
10:32 PM @GeorgeTheDuck reports that he blocked a spammer. He got excited and blocked before alerting Sekurity.
10:39 PM Officer Annie issues and alert to block spammer “LashondaHeartz.”
11:09 PM Officer Annie posts a picture of her kitty: http://twitpic.com/4oq3hd. @BlindMaximus also posts a pic of his “seeing eye” kitty: http://twitpic.com/4nrklm
11:40 PM Officer Annie reports that it’s a quiet Pawpawty!
11:52 PM @IndyKitty spanks Officer Annie on the rear and then squirts her with nip! Officer Annie chases after him.
11:59 PM Cadet Benji reports for duty.
Handoff Report: It’s been a quiet night except for @GeorgeTheDuck needing recessitated and @IndyKitty squirting me with nip.
12:02 AM Officer Annie signs off duty. Officer Benji is in charge of Sekurity.
2:59 AM Officer Benji worked an extra hour and Officer Duchess reports back in for duty to relieve Officer Benji and cover the empty shift.
Handoff Report: The 3-hour shift was very quiet. No problems at all.
3:01 AM Officer Benji signs off. Detective Duchess is now in charge of Sekurity.
3:29 AM Announcement: @bijntje AND @AutumnTheDoxie are doing a DJ duet for the next 1/2 of this hour!
5:54 AM Detective JBHippo reports for duty.
Handoff Report: All anipals being very good and just having fun!
6:01 AM Detective Duchess signs off duty. Detective JBHippo is now in charge of Sekurity.
8:06 AM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs in for duty. (Note: mizCleo also signed in for duty on Saturday morning but then realized she was a day early for her shift.)
Handoff Report: It’s a peaceful morning! There were issues with the Paypal donation link, so anyone wishing to donate through Paypal needs to click the yellow “donate” button at this Pawpawty page. http://bit.ly/dj3vKx
8:17 AM Detective JBHippo signs off duty. Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo is now in charge of Sekurity.
9:51 AM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo does a perimeter check. All is clear!
9:51 AM Officer CheshireK reports for duty.
Handoff Report: All is quite this morning on the sekurity front! @JBHippo let me know there were some issues with donations through Paypal, pals needs to click the yellow “donate” button at this Pawpawty page. http://bit.ly/dj3vKx
9:56 AM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off duty. Officer CheshireK is now in charge of Sekurity.
11:54 AM Officers Aedan and Winston report for duty.
Handoff Report: Must say that everything has been VERY QUIET. We did welcome a new guest to the pawty. I hope you also chat with @CatPicturesNYC.
12:02 PM Officer CheshireK signs off. Officers Aedan and Winston are in charge of Sekurity.
1:20 PM We officially met the Pawpawty donation goal!!!
2:00 PM Pawpawty officially ends. Officers Aedan and Winston — who have been passing out yummy bacon Easter Bunnies — report that the shift was quiet with all the anipals digging in their pockets to make sure the donation goal was met. “Thanks all for a great and successful Pawpawty!”

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flicka47 April 30, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Great job Buttons! Always love reading your Sekurity report!
We know the heist was a lot of work for Daisy and Duchess, as they weren’t in on the plot! And they did a great job of handling the extra excitement! (hope everyone enjoyed taking part in the heist!…snicker…)

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