2011 March SciFiPawty/Pawpawty Report

by JB Hippo on March 30, 2011 · 7 comments

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The out of this world SciFiPawty, in conjunction with this month’s Pawpawty, was held the weekend of 26 & 27 March. Hosted by @BorisKitty in his Starfleet Gold Shirt, the pawty raised over $1600 for the kitties at One By One Cat Rescue in Reading, Pennsylvania. (Donations will continue to be accepted through 18 June.) There were lots of wonderful prizes, DJs spinning intergalactic hits, and barktenders serving cosmic delights. Anipals came in weird and wonderful scifi costumes and a fantastic time was had by all who attended.

Sekurity Team Roll Call

Captain Snickers Lieutenant Brutus Detective Duchess Detective JB
Ninja Strike Force
Leader mizCleo
Officer Morris Officer Annie Officer CheshireK
Officer Buttons Officer Benji Officers Aedan
and Winston
Cadet Daisy

uniforms sewn by @ShawneeShep and @BorisKitty

(all times in EDT)

9:00 AM The SCIFIpawty blasts off! Documentation Officer Buttons and Detective JB Hippo are the Red Shirts on the bridge. A De-Squeakified Zone (DSZ) had been set up around the pawty to ensure that Officer Buttons does not get distracted.
10:04 AM Officer Buttons has blocked the first spammer of the pawty. That did not take long!
10:10 AM Det. JB informs Officer Buttons that she will be flying through the Ford’s Theater Galaxy and may have to go into radio silence.
11:00 AM Captain Snickers has beamed aboard for his shift but apparently his red shirt was not beamed with him. The shirt soon follows.
11:07 AM The DSZ has held! Cap. Snickers is informed that Det. JB is in radio silence zone.
HANDOFF REPORT Pretty quiet start! Blocked one spammer, helped one anipal change avatars. Quizzes were super slow at first, but have picked up now, I think.
11:15 AM Doc. Officer Buttons is now off duty. Cap. Snickers is on the bridge and in charge of Sekurity.
11:19 AM Through much static, Det. JB faintly signs off duty. Buzzzzz-click!
HANDOFF REPORT very quiet shift. lots of great anipals here and efurryone on best behavior. nothing really to report! Cap. Snickers must sign off. Officer Hella should (hopefully) arrive soon!
12:30 PM Detective Duchess rushes into the Sekurity locker room to change. She will cover Red Shirt duty until Officer Hella arrives on the bridge.
HANDOFF REPORT All Anipals hafing great time! Concert waz great! @ShibberingC Great as Usual! All good.
2:02 PM Leutenant Brutus arrives on the bridge. Det. Duchess signs off.
2:39 PM Lt. Brutus slaps handcuffs on @flicka47 and @SeattleP for bacon theft.
2:44 PM @sanjeethecat tries to distract Lt. Brutus with a Seymore Cappuccino. Lt. Brutus is not fooled!
3:40 PM Bail has been posted for @flicka47 and @SeattleP. They are released from the space brig.
4:01 PM Officer Annie has signed on for Red Shirt duty.
HANDOFF REPORT I had to put @flicka47 and @SeattleP in jail for stealing bacon but they posted bail so are out. And @BigBoyBosco & @Eddiebabycat are plotting something so keep your nose to the ground.
4:15 PM Lt. Brutus officially signs off duty.
4:32 PM @MrKiplingwoof has reported sightings of an incoming cosmic explosion! http://twitpic.com/4dmkpb
4:37 PM The cosmic explosion has reached the pawty. It was beans left over from #dudefest!
4:42 PM Officer Annie assists @JustAnotherTrnd – Dusty fell into the pool, then got a bath which in turn soaked Hurley! Officer Annie lasers the water off of them.
4:43 PM @JustAnotherTrnd wishes to report their scribe to Sekurity for giving them baths during the pawty. There has to be a rule!!!
6:00 PM Cadet Daisy reports for Red Shirt duty. [Welcome, Cadet Daisy!]
HANDOFF REPORT Been quiet! 🙂
6:09 PM Officer Annie signs off duty.
6:10 PM Det. Duchess reports to the bridge to train Cadet Daisy. Her transport vessel was having problems so she was running a little late.
6:13 PM Sekurity is keeping an eye on @ZackRabbit and @marshallsheldon and informs them that their phasers are set to stun!
7:22 PM There is a report of a lost starfish! @NoCrybabyDogS is missing her pal, Pokey. He is red and is her friend.
7:29 PM Sekurity announcement is made: Missing starfish named Pokey. He is NOT a NOM! Do NOT EAT! Call Sekurity if found!
7:33 PM Pokey has been found by @katieboocat. He was floating in the sink at the bar! She dries him off and takes him to Sekurity.
7:37 PM Pokey is returned to @NoCrybabyDogS. http://twitpic.com/hzjv9 Cadet Daisy stops searching in the toilets.
7:54 PM Det. Duchess throws a lifeline to @RufusRabbit who somehow fell off the spaceship!
8:00 PM Officers Aedan and Winston arrive on the bridge for their shift.
HANDOFF REPORT Pokey starfish @NoCrybabyDogS was lost but found at bar in sink. Cadet Daisy did exspechunal job on 1st shift! And @MarshallSheldon & @ZackRabbit finking of makin trouble but threat of Fasers on *STUN* stopped any trouble.
8:14 PM Det. Duchess and Cadet Daisy sign off duty.
9:07 PM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo has arrived for Sekurity duty.
10:01 PM Det. Duchess has beamed back to the bridge for another shift, but her Red Shirt did not materialize with her.
HANDOFF REPORT Pretty quiet on the sekurity front! so many anipals at the pawty, sometimes hard to keep up. 1 planet had full moon. @kingtuttifruti gab @mattiedog all his #tuttifruittiharem 4 @ShaynaCat tru lub. @mattiedog den ebaluated cup sizes – we sure he meant da size of da dwink frum barktenders.
10:13 PM Ninja Strike Force Leader mizCleo signs off duty.
10:24 PM Sekurity Alert: Det. Duchess is in tweetjail! Use her jailbird account: @DuchessLabbie
10:54 PM Det. Duchess is back at her normal tweet account.
11:11 PM @BigBoyBosco, @Eddiebabycat, and @kingtuttifruiti attempt to breach the Sekurity bridge.
11:16 PM Officer Winston is after @BigBoyBosco, @Eddiebabycat, and @kingtuttifruiti. He *zaps* them with his phaser!
11:19 PM Sekurity communicators are buzzing – backup Red Shirts are needed!
11:23 PM There is some confusion about @mattiedog – it appears that his *leg* is so swollen he can’t walk straight. Officer Winston is still after @mattiedog & @bigboybosco who may need to be transported to the brig!
11:25 PM Det. JB hears the distress call and arrives on backup duty. She informs @Eddiebabycat & @BigBoyBosco that she is watching them.
11:28 PM Cadet Daisy beams onto the bridge to assist in backup duty. The troublemakers are surrounded!
11:29 PM The plans of @kingtuttifruit, @Eddiebabycat, @BigBoyBosco, & @mattiedog have been foiled! They scatter like star dust!
11:31 PM Cap. Snickers is on his nightly walkthrough and arrives on the bridge to find half the Red Shirt Sekurity Team assembled!
11:36 PM Cap. Snickers is impressed with Sekurity response and sees things are in hand. He continues on his walkthrough.
11:46 PM Cadet Daisy is tuckered out from chasing @mattiedog. She signs off duty and can put her feet up.
11:50 PM Det. JB checks to see that @AutumnTheDoxie & @mattiedog are not furless streaking.
11:59 PM The naughtiness is abating. Det. JB beams off the bridge and heads to the locker room. Time for bed!
12:01 AM @BigBoyBosco turns himself over to Sekurity. Officer Winston slaps the handcuffs on him and hands him off to Det. Duchess.
12:03 AM Officer Benji signs on for Red Shirt duty.
HANDOOF REPORT Absolutely Nuffin to report! All anipals great!
12:06 AM Det. Duchess signs off duty but sticks around to help Officer Benji fix his communicator issues.
12:19 @BigBoyBosco files a complaint – someone has “spiked” Everything at the pawty. Moonbeams and shooting stars and @mattiedog out of control … head is spinning spinning spinning …
1:52 AM Officer Morris reports for Red Shirt duty.
1:56 AM Sekurity uses a big stick to clear a path to the DJ booth for @marleyterrier. *prod prod*
HANDOOF REPORT shift was very quiet. had issues with tweetdeck and tweetgrid. BOL
2:09 AM Officer Morris is officially in charge of Sekurity and sets his phaser to stun.
HANDOOF REPORT A very calm shift, apart from @sadlovelyheart Cookie trying to steal my honey @TinyPearlCat! We made up later, so it’s all good. 😉 Nothing else to report!
4:00 AM – 7:55 AM No Red Shirts on duty as they are all in stasis.
7:56 AM Officer CheshireK reports for duty.
8:25 AM Officer CheshireK has to chase a Hawk out of his local quadrant! There are Space Kitties to protect! http://twitpic.com/4ey711
9:00 AM SciFiPawty comes to a close. Anipals linger to celebrate the successful mission to help One by One kitties.


Boris Kitty March 30, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Pawsum report fur a pawsum pawty. Fanks u all fur a great time!

BigBoyBosco March 30, 2011 at 4:42 pm

JB Hippo – what a fine Sekurity Report, U did a great job of reporting all the madness of the pawty and still left some of us with with dignity. Bosco stands tall as he walks past @mattiedog…ah uh, points paw..”put the blue bills down, already”

Shari March 30, 2011 at 4:49 pm

DUSTY: Always fun to read the Sekurity Report after a Pawty.
HURLEY: So glad we didn’t wind up at The Big House during the Pawty.

Tiny Pearl March 30, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Neat report! Love it, like the weekly local paper 🙂

ShaynaCat March 30, 2011 at 5:55 pm

MOL – glad @kingtuttifruiti and I have got a mention for a GOOD reason! #SciFiPawty was pawesome – thoroughly enjoyed it, and delighted that the target total was exceeded. Anipals ROCK!! 🙂

flicka47 March 30, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Always love reading the sekurity reports! it’s amazing how many new ways the anipals can come up with to have fun and get in a little trouble(hopefully not too much trouble anyway!…snicker…) The report is always a fun recapturing of the pawty! Thanks!

MattieDog March 30, 2011 at 8:37 pm

Um… no, I meant “cup size” *holds out widdle paws! BOL!!! Hey anipalz, what can I say – I had a good time at #SciFiPawty!!!

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