2011 February Pawpawty Sekurity Report

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The Valentine’s themed “Love is in the Air” pawpawty was held the weekend of February 12 & 13. The Animal Welfare League of Queensland in Australia was the recipient of a whopping $1640, 164% of the target goal! In addition, donations were matched by the wonderful folks at @PedigreeUS and sent to Save a Pet (@SaveAPetIL). Thanks to all who donated and extra big thanks to @PedigreeUS!

Sekurity Team Roll Call

Captain Snickers

Lieutenant Brutus

Detective Duchess

Detective JB

Officer Morris

Officer Cheshire

Officer Annie

Officer Hella

Officer Benji

Officer Benji

Officer Bandit

Officers Aedan & Winston

Official Sekurity Report

2:00 PM Pawpawty begins! Lieutenant Brutus signs in for first Sekurity shift during the Valentine’s bash.
4:01 PM There is a report that underage @Eddiebabycat has snuck a flask of booze into the pawpawty!
4:02 PM Lt. Brutus confronts naughty @Eddiebabycat – just drop the flask and no one gets hurt! But @Eddiebabycat is in ninja-mode! http://twitpic.com/3y95oi
4:05 PM Officer Hella reports for his Sekurity shift.
4:07 PM @mariodacat tells Sekurity he will fix @Eddiebabycat a NON-ALCOLHOLIC Strawberry Milk Shake.
4:11 PM Sekurity discusses the antics of that @Eddiebabycat, decides that it’s a good idea to double up officers to watch that kitty.
HANDOFF REPORT My only thing to report is to watch him [@Eddiebabycat]!
4:13 PM SEKURITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Officer HH now on duty! Watch out for these quills, trouble makers!
4:18 PM Lt. Brutus warns @Eddiebabycat that he will be arrested if he doesn’t behave!
4:28 PM Officer HH pulls over @Eddiebabycat and orders him out of the car & to put his paws where he can see ’em!
4:30 PM Officer Hella & Detective Duchess haul @Eddiebabycat to jail for drinking and driving!
4:31 PM SEKURITY ALERT: @Eddiebabycat has been jailed for DWI. Bail set at $3, payable here http://tiny.cc/PawLove
4:33 PM SEKURITY ALERT: Officer HH in hot pursuit of @Eddiebabycat who has escaped from jail!!!
4:34 PM Officer Hedgie pulls out quills, lays them in road where they POP! the tires of @Eddiebabycat motorcycle.
4:37 PM SEKURITY ALERT: Bail for @Eddiebabycat for DWI and attempted escape set at $5, payable here http://tiny.cc/PawLove
4:38 PM Officer HH thwarts another escape attempt by @Eddiebabycat http://twitpic.com/3g3dux
5:16 PM SEKURITY ALERT: After a long stint in the clink, @BorisKitty has bailed out @Eddiebabycat
5:20 PM @BorisKitty tells Sekurity that he did pay $10 in bail for @Eddiebabycat – $5 for this time and $5 for when he’s thrown back in jail again.
HANDOFF REPORT @Eddiebabycat jailed for DWI @BorisKitty bailed him out paid extra bail for next time! Pawty slowing down but everyone is just having a great time and partying down!
6:01 PM Officer HH signs off. Detective Duchess & Officer Benji are now in charge of Sekurity.
6:44 PM SEKURITY ALERT: PLZ block “bacon_ftw” as he is a repeater bot & annoying!!
7:04 PM Sekurity is informed that @MarshallSheldon or @MonkeysBrother slipped @RufusRabbit a beer.
7:07 PM Detective Duchess investigates @MarshallSheldon’s involvement.
7:09 PM @RufusRabbit retracts statement implicating @MarshallSheldon. It was only the hiccups!
7:30 PM @IamZorro is warned to be careful with the zooming so he doesn’t knock over any anipals.
7:37 PM @indykitty is thrown in jail for beating up @Eddiebabycat with claws out.
7:45 PM SEKURITY REMINDER: Bail for jailed @Indykitty for clawing @Eddiebabycat – bail set at $3. *kitty harmonica is passed around*
7:49 PM Bail for @indykitty is $3 and the condition that he must wear mittens
8:02 PM @indykitty has been bailed out by @ParkerSKat & @LilyLuWhoT but is on mitten probation for use of claws. @Indykitty is handed bright pink mittens to wear.
8:28 PM Officer Bandit signs off duty.
8:44 PM Sekurity begins to worry about Officer Annie – she is late for her shift!
8:53 PM Officer Hella puts his uniform back on and steps in to help.
9:11 PM Detective Duchess asks Captain Snickers for assistance as she has worked extra long and needs to go.
9:12 PM Captain Snickers heads to the locker room to change into his uniform.
HANDOFF REPORT IT WAS THOT @MarshallSheldon or @MonkeysBrother have @RufusRabbit a beer, BUT HE HAD HICKUPS. @Bacon_FTW showed up & anipals told to block! @indykitty beat up @Eddiebabycat wif da claws out – waz taken into custody & placed in jail. Bailed by @ParkerSKat. On mitten probation for use of claws & @LilyLuWhoT pd bail 4 @indykitty outta jail.
9:27 PM Officer Cheshire offers to start his shift early & heads for the locker room.
9:39 PM Officer Cheshire checks in for duty.
9:41 PM Officer Annie arrives – there was a family emergency and just got back from the hospital. [Oh, no! *hugs*]
9:43 PM Captain Snickers tells Officer Annie that everyone was very worried about her & all hope she is ok!
HANDOFF REPORT nothing to report except KEEP AN EYE ON @CeciltheHusky hez after the bacon. again.
9:55 PM SEKURITY ANNOUNCEMENT: officer cheshire now in charge of sekurity with help of officer annie.
9:56 PM Officer Cheshire steps out for a minute to take his medicine.
10:15 PM Officer Annie sets a catnip matress out on the jail floor for @Eddiebabycat.
10:17 PM Naughty @Eddiebabycat tries to push Officer Annie into jail since he had his bail paid for him in advance. Officer Annie asks barktender @SpoiledMinPin for a drink that will make @Eddiebabycat pass out.
10:22 PM @Eddiebabycat is locked in jail. He’s hard to keep up with!
10:32 PM @Eddiebabycat is release from jail after Sekurity checks their log and sees bail was pre-paid for that naughty kitty.
11:18 PM There seems to be a Toot Crisis occuring! Sekurity looks for oxygen masks to pass around.
11:21 PM Sekurity wonders what, exactly, the barktenders are serving to be causing so much tooting!
11:59 PM Captain Snickers reports for duty. He is informed that there is a #tootcrisis!
HANDOFF REPORT We did have to arrest @Eddiebabycat, but it turned out @Boriskitty had paid his bail in advance. Then, the only thing that happened was the growing #tootcrisis. #tootcrisis started with conversation and escalated. We think it was the bacon beer. Then we had the masks… @Snick_the_Dog And then we had the corks, then we had the explosion and the #tootcrisis. Now you’re here.
12:12 AM Dancing Officer Annie signs off duty. Captain Snickers thinks that was one of the craziest handoff reports ever. Officer Cheshire wishes the Captain good luck on his shift.
12:16 AM Officer Cheshire informs Cpt. Snick that the cats started the toot crisis, oddly enough. @BigBoyBosco attempts to steal the keys to the sekurity office while hugging the officers. Officer Annie catches him in the act.
12:17 AM @Pumpkinpuddy wonders if she set off the toot crisis by talking about her fursibs.
1:59 AM Captain Snick is signing off duty from Twitter jail! Officer Benji will do handoff report.
HANDOFF REPORT @Eddiebabycat causing trouble with zooming planning to cause more trouble. Naughty @BigBoyBosco dropped some smoke bombs from his back pockets no one was hurt.
2:00 AM Officer Morris is on duty. Captain Snick warns him to keep an eye on @flicka47 and friends as they may be planning to cause another toot crisis.
HANDOFF REPORT One minor tweet-copier incident, but otherwise quiet & calm! Someone called EdgarFerro copied one of Mizz Bassie’s tweets & resent it as if from him.
4:00 AM Detective Duchess reports for duty. Officer Morris signs off.
HANDOFF REPORT All quiet & good!
6:00 AM Detective JB signs in for her shift. Detective Duchess can take a well deserved nap.
7:44 AM Officer Annie arrives for her Sekurity duty.
HANDOFF REPORT It has been quiet as a mousie without a jingle bell! Everything is in good order. 🙂
8:10 AM Detective JB clocks out.
9:32 AM Officers Aedan & Winston check in & head to the locker room to put on their uniforms.
HANDOOF REPORT Very quiet ever1 havin good time..we had a few squirrels chased but dat it.
9:53 AM Officer Annie signs off duty.
12:10 PM Lt. Brutus arrives for his shift, out of breath!
HANDOFF REPORT morning was quiet with all the animapls just horsing around with a challenge from @wallasEkatt. Did furget fur #ppsr love was in the air— @jinjindoggy and @pierrethepoodle are now twitters hotest couple as they’re engaged.
12:19 PM Officers Aedan n Winston sign off.
12:46 PM @jbkitteh is reported for biting @indykitty’s buttmonkey! [what does that even mean?]
1:07 PM Naked streaking @TheNascarKitty & @marshallsheldon attempt to steal the Lieutenant’s fur!
1:09 PM Sekurity handcuffs the naked @TheNascarKitty @marshallsheldon and throws them in jail. Bail is set at $10 each – work it! Lt. Brutus gets his fur back on.
2:00 PM Love is in the Air pawpawty ends and Lt. Brutus signs off. [are @TheNascarKitty & @marshallsheldon out of jail or should we send a lawyer?]

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