one demoshun and new pawty jail bail

by snickers on November 13, 2009

in announcements

hey anipals! sekurity captain snickers here.

i haz a few sekurity announcements from october before i start the planning for november.

  • unfortunately must announce that officers frosty and dew haz been demoted back to cadet due to not reporting for duty at october pawpawty. officers frosty and dew sincerely apologize for leaving pawpawty unprotected though so haz not been removed from sekurity team
  • pawty jail bail: starting at november pawpawty if anipals are thrown in pawty jail they can pay bail to get out early. iz totally up to anipal if they pay and how much they pay, not up to sekurity officers. (this is all in fun and to raise money for animal charity after all). to pay bail, you make donation on offishul donation page for pawpawty charity and let your arresting officer know. cadets and junior officers cannot make arrests.

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