2009 june pawpawty sekurity report

by snickers on June 16, 2009 · 3 comments

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[begin report]

sekurity officers for june pawpawty were: Sekurity Captain Snickers (@Snick_the_Dog), Officer Shawnee (@ShawneeShep), Officer Samson (@SamsonCatt), Officer India (@Indy_cat), and Volunteer Kenworth (@GD_Kenworth)

6/13 2:00 PM EDT: pawty started right on time
6/13 3:10 PM EDT: @laineyspawtique thought @toby_cat was selling illegal drugs, but we check. its only catnip. catnip not illegal weed
6/13 3:15 PM EDT: @dobie_evgeni’s avatar has been stolen or abducted by aliens – investigashun in progress
6/13 3:30 PM EDT: SEKURITY ALERT!!! ignore message from TipjoyHelper NOT legit.
6/13 3:45 PM EDT: @Happpiii tried to jump in the punchbowl
6:13 4:14 PM EDT: @QuadPawd tried tricky contest cheating attempt
6/13 4:30 PM EDT: @psammy had too much to drink
6/13 5:00 PM EDT: @Mulder_Cat ran off and hid something in his car
6/13 5:03 PM EDT: SHIFT CHANGE @ShawneeShep now offishully in charge of #pawpawty sekurity.
6/13 5:51 PM: @pimpthecat possibly haz too much catnip
6/13 8:45 PM EDT: officer shawnee had to reminds @HotLabRescue that there be no skinny dipping at the #pawpawty
6/13 9:30 PM EDT:@HotMBC was nomming 2 much on grimy duck at the nomming booth and got a warning
6/13 10:00 PM EDT: SHIFT CHANGE @SamsonCatt now in charge of sekurity
6/13 10:50 PM EDT: @LunaMyTuna threatened to eat @elguapito and was reprimanded by officer samson. dispute broke up peacefully
6/14 12:01 AM EDT: @mugsydog passed out and had to be carted off by officer samson
6/14 12:10 AM EDT: officer snickers tried to return to pawty but had been locked out by stupid twitter search problem (although there is some suspishun this may have been orchestrated by @loupeb due to jealousy over kiss between @sylviedog and officer snickers earlier in evening. @perrythebirman and @BrewskieButt mentioned as possible suspekts also.)
6/13 12:50 AM EDT: a rowdy scuffle was broken up. a new sekurity officer was recruited by officer on duty officer samson
6/14 12:55 AM EDT: SHIFT CHANGE officer samson went off duty, leaving new officer india in charge
6/14 6:53 AM EDT: @BadAndy_KityKat was mugged by @vampirekat. nip stolen. bad andy wounded in attack. culprit NOT apprehended, but reprimanded. goods not recovered. there is currently warrant out for arrest of vampire kat
6/14 7:25 AM EDT: @GD_Kenworth volunteered for sekurity duty to serve and protect
6/14 12:00 PM EDT: SHIFT CHANGE officer snickers came back on duty and was happy to find the pawpawty in very groovy state (anipals good pawty goers for most part)
6/14 1:32 PM EDT: grimy duck absorbed too much niptini from noms, ran from nomming booth and went streaking through pawty pursued by manxington. grimy was caught by morriscat and locked back in nomming booth by officer snickers. morris then sang lullabies to calm down grimy while manx pled for leniency for juvenile grimy duck. officer snickers decided to release grimy under manxington’s supervision with probation and community service (time served)
6/14 2:00 PM EDT: pawpawty ended peacefully and on time. goal of over $1,000 earned for romeo’s charity angels for animals.

[end report]

please note: kissing of officers on duty not a punishable offense


flicka47 June 16, 2009 at 2:34 am

You guys did a wonderful job! But next time make sure that henry of @henryandfriends gets on the right bus home…snicker….

PimpTheCat June 16, 2009 at 9:37 pm

Great job on sekurity. In my defense: Just because I looked like I had too much nip, does not mean I had possession of nip! 😉
.-= PimpTheCat´s last blog ..PimpTheCat: Uh oh. Busted! RT @perrythebirman @flicka47 and it figures dat pimp:"@pimpthecat possibly haz too much catnip" MOL http://tinyurl.com/lqz2tz =-.

RogerDog June 17, 2009 at 6:07 pm

So great to know we anipals have a safe place to pawty together!! Thank you officers, for a job well done!

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